The Sass Queen - Herbal Tea Blend


The Sass Queen

Ovaries, Appendix,Hips & Bladder

Our unsorted emotions and stored energy are governed by our hips which house many missing pieces to how we learn to deal with life. The more we stow away, the stiffer our hips becoming thus creating a very tense space for our ovaries and bladder to reside. Our reactions are not our identity, we have a choice to nourish our hips, stretch them and allow them to loosen with ease.
Our bladder, when we fear letting go of our emotions or allowing ourself to release how we truly feel; starts to lose control to balance our deep need to control our truest parts of our self.
Once we step into our truth, our ovaries can begin flourishing and feeding creativity back into our life.
The sass queen tea softly encourages the opening and release of our emotional storage compartments, promoting our bladder to gain control again and our ovaries to create with true depth and meaning.
please consult if pregnant or nursing


Raspberry leaf, Calendula,  Nettles, Chaste tree berry, Damania leaf, Sage

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