Parent-Daughter Hormone Consult (20 years or younger)


I cannot describe how grateful I would have been to know the things I know now, before my twenties. I believe the best age to begin to understand how the female body works is 12. We have a huge void in knowledge as females in regards to our anatomy, hormonal health and overall bodily functions.

This later leads to misunderstandings, frustrations, pain, dis-ease and infertility.


We can start now. As young females, we can begin to convert the complexity of our body to a simple understanding in turn allowing us to thrive and develop a deeper sense of respect for our given organs & child-bearing gift.


This consult includes:

  • 2 hour consult & session in home
  • 1 follow up zoom consult - 45 mins
  • suggested list of items for overall wellness such as brands of female products, foods and supplements

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