Suami – Kundalini Meditation for Guidance and Serenity

    In 2003, Suami enables to master some kinds of Tenung which is like a fortune telling activity, healing some illnesses, and sort of spiritual powers. In 2006 to 2007, he was actively participated to be a cadre in ashram Yoga Paramadiguhya, which is owned by Ida Padanda Nabe Gede Made Gunung. Since it wasn’t satisfying enough, he continued to build a Yoga community named Yoga Ganapati in 2008 which is located at his house. Suami is actively teaching Yoga to local people, children and adults, in purpose to conserve Balinese art, culture, and spiritualism. He teaches Kundalini meditation. The purpose of Kundalini meditation is to open and purify the Chakras and raise the energy up to Sahasrara Chakra which is located at the human crown. By doing Kundalini meditation, you will gradually reach the truth illumination that includes magnificent serenity, spiritual guidance and maintenance. Besides, Kundalini meditation helps people to avoid and or to relieve illnesses such as stress, heart disease, vertigo, diabetes and breathless. Furthermore, you can have priceless experience about life especially in using your abilities wisely when you face difficult problems and hard phase in life.
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