RITUAL; pronounced ri·choo·uhl:  a series of acts regularly repeated - a solemn right.

YES! It is your absolute right to have a daily practice that brings you closer to yourself.

The time and place is your choice, but please make this time of day for you, and only you.

What a wonderful place in life to be, when you observe your surroundings versus reacting to them. When you can be fully present with your partner, your children, your parents, in work meetings and so on. When inconvenience strikes and you barely so much as bat an eyelid. This place exists, it's called connection to your greatest gift and source of power, YOU.

How do we tap into this infinite source??

By gaining awareness that EVERYTHING in this life, begins and ends with you. You are your own best chance of achieving what you want beyond your wildest dreams. If you realized that through yourself, you could feel however you want to feel, you would invest all that you had in doing so, no? Putting yourself as a priority is not a luxury but a solemn right. 

Once you build a solid foundation as to who you are, at your best, you can build sustainable results in both your personal & professional life as well. The shift, the magic, the answers that you are digging deeply to find; are right there inside of you. It's the quiet, peaceful moment when you allowed your inner voice to prevail and in that blip of time; life made sense and felt good.

It takes 10 minutes on a consistent basis to really begin to feel a prolific difference in your life but I PROMISE YOU, the shift happens and it's SO REAL. You begin to step into a place where you have an  absolute choice over your reactions, energy and surroundings.

you change the way people see you, your value increases and you begin to notice synchronicities which result in alignment and an absolute increase in overall JOY.

 Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world ...

So if you see life as chaotic, dysfunctional and overwhelming; then it's time to look within and ask yourself if you are truly connected with your North Star, your truth. Do you feel you are truly in alignment with your BEST self?

let me give you an example of alignment ...

You effortlessly find the best parking spot, the exact item that you need is in stock AND on sale, others around you are smiling and interacting with you in a compassionate way, things just flow.

THIS IS CALLED THE FLOW STATE.... and it's the state of being that we wish we could reach all of the time and while it may not be possible 100% of the time; creating a solid connection with your self produces an attraction to your flow state more times than not.

When we are not in our flow state, things begin to feel stressful and full of hassle.

 Life gives us little clues when something is subtly breaking down, our car, house, air conditioning, an organ, a relationship. Sometimes the clues are so subtle that we don't hear them, and other times as we ignore them; they get louder and more precise until the discomfort becomes too big to bear.

A daily consistent practice is quite honestly the only way to bring yourself back into a place that you can handle life with ease & grace. I can only wish this kind of inner peace for everyone.


what are examples of R I T U A L S ?

Consistent..... Deep breaths, mantras, writing in a journal, listening to a guided meditation, a walk in nature, reading affirmations, stretching your body.

I leave you with this.. stay close to yourself, and honor yourself above anyone because one day you could wake up and feel empty, numb or unhappy and you only have one person to hold responsible for that.


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