Top Recommended Minerals & Supplements for every body by an Integrative Health Coach

Let's highlight how integral the replenishment of minerals and micronutrients is for vitality & longevity.

 As our system detoxes our body through sweat, breath, urine, and bowel movements; we also subsequently eliminate key minerals that we need greatly.

What is the difference between micronutrients aka vitamins and minerals?

Vitamins are organic substances, which means they're made by plants or animals. Minerals are inorganic elements that come from soil and water, and are absorbed by plants.

What are minerals and where are they found?

Minerals are naturally occurring usually found in soil or rock. 

Magnesium - energy & sleep regulation

Potassium - blood pressure

Copper - iron regulation

Calcium - being the most important making up 2% of our body weight

Chromium - blood sugar

Zinc - immunity

Selenium - immunity 

salt - hydration

iodine - thyroid

sulfur - metabolic health


Now that we've discussed minerals, we can talk about the beautiful sources available to us to keep your minerals at optimum levels

Mineral sources available to us


Sea Moss - sourced from sea algae contains 92 minerals

Electrolytes - contains sodium potassium & magnesium

(really important to watch for electrolyte powders with sugar - I use LMNT electrolytes, use code    for 10% off)

Humic acid - binds to positively charged ions in the human body. It binds to the deposits that form when particles of magnesium, calcium, iron, cadmium or phosphorous dissolve in water because these deposits are positively charged. This purifies the body and helps revitalize natural balance, helping to remove unwanted heavy metals from the body.

Fulvic acid - Sourced from soil, a biochemical reaction. A single fulvic acid molecule can transport over 70 trace minerals into a cell. Minerals bonded in this manner are in the fittest fashion for our bodies to retain and use.

 Trace mineralsessential for proper hormone and neurotransmitter function.

Isotonic salt water - 78 Bioavailable Ionic Minerals sourced from the depths of ocean water & plankton, found on my amazon page under additional supplements:

Shilajit - An incredible resin from mountainous terrain, containing 85 minerals and trace elements. In addition, it contains fulvic acid which enhances the absorption of these minerals in the body. I use the brand Cymbiotika also found on my amazon page above.


Aside from minerals, our body also needs micronutrients  

The most key vitamins that EVERY body could benefit from:



Vitamin D3 K2 (sublingual) 

omega 3



I hope this was helpful. As always, I'm always around for a chat.




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