It's that time, all things summer. We are a little over two weeks into summer and it's especially hot here in Miami

As things heat up, my mind and body have become more flexible with the warmth from the sun & my thoughts, ideas and desires have expanded. The summer is a catalyst for a playful mind and a free flowing spirit. So much growth has taken place over the course of even just a month after the summer solstice (June 21st) also known as the longest day of the year.

Beautiful ways to make the most of Summer;

Yoga - but more seated positions allowing breath to open the heart & solar plexus chakra.

Get outside! Don't be afraid of the sunshine - with the right foods, the sun will absorb into your skin and your body will let you know when it's had enough vitamin D.

SWEAT IT OUT! As much as freakin' possible! Leave you hair messy & your skin sticky - let your body utilize the heat to sweat out your toxins and detox as much as you can

Take baths! Milky Magnesium baths.

Observe nature, especially the bloom of the different fruits and flowers.

Create a morning habit of getting up just before sunrise to engage in time for just you

spend a little extra time at night to apply oils to your skin

Things I'm into right now;

  • Exotic fruit from the local fruit stand - this week I tried a mangosteen & an egg fruit; both were absolutely out of this world and I truly enjoyed both fresh from the refrigerator nice and cold.

Additionally, the juicy, colorful dragon fruit. The pink dragonfruit is beautiful and juicy but the yellow with the white inside is beyond delicious. 

  • The Glaser's organic farmers market on Saturdays has become a  weekend staple. They have an incredible vegetable roll and tons of fresh organic prepackaged raw salads such as cucumber dill, lemon honey carrot and my personal favorite, the sunflower seed burger.
  • Trampoline in the morning to get my lymphatic system going. I just purchased one on prime day & I was able to steal it for 70% off. I highly suggest purchasing a 40" foldable rebounder and using it only five minutes per day to get your energy up. Your lymph system will thank you.
  • Making cold ice tea with loose herbs. 

Steps: purchase loose leaf organic tea ( I use different ones each day but I love lemon balm, nettles, astragalus and raspberry leaf), boil and let sit for a few hours, pour into a mason jar and refrigerator. Pour & Enjoy! Use a glass straw for an added bonus.

  • little short sets from Amazon

  • the book called Getting The Love You Want
  • last but not least, ELECTROLYTES from LMNT after each and every sweat


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A great read with worthwhile tips! Wished I was closer to the farmers market it sounds like a great find! My vitamin D is low and I surely don’t get out in the sun enough, nor do I sweat enough! Baby steps must be taken! Looking forward to reading more Thank you❣️

Diane Quinney August 04, 2022

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