Salt in my water, you?

So why do I put salt in my water when I wake up? TO HYDRATE, DUH!

Water without salt is just water, but water WITH salt is actually hydrating!

And why is this; you might ask - because the minerals, more specifically sodium chloride, within the salt actually have the ability to penetrate your cells and bring the water along with it. The body is more easily able to absorb water in the process.

The additional minerals that are said to be found in UNREFINED salt are; calcium, chromium, copper, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, potassium, selenium, sodium and zinc.

Salt aka Sodium Chloride, is an element deemed necessary for certain human physiological functions including the regulation of extracellular fluid volume, nerve conduction, and muscle function. In a simple explanation, this is due to the fact that both sodium and chloride are electrolytes—charged minerals that conduct electricity to power your nervous system.

The more salt-free water you drink, the more your sodium needs go up and often our needs are not being met.

Salt insufficiency has consequences, such as low energy, weakness, muscle cramps, and headaches.



The variety of sea salt is almost endless. Basically, anywhere there is salt water or where there used to be salt water (even millions of years ago), there can be salt production.

Sel gris aka Grey Salt is my preferred creme de la creme of salts. WHY? Well because of the fact that it is unrefined and not processed. The most beneficial minerals that your body thrives on, are left lingering within this beautiful solution.

I hate to be the bearer of this news but table salt is bs! It just is. You need an unrefined salt, such as Himalayan or Celtic salt, even grey salt.

If im being honest there is a plethora of salt that can accommodate your sodium needs just make sure it's unrefined and not processed. 

as always if you have any questions, specifically salt related, im here via email or dm. @nikkiipage




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