It was my largest commission check to date ..

and I had a list of "goal" items.

Things you may think I bought with my freshly earned money... 

purses, vacations, jewelry ... nope!


what I actually bought ...

1. An organic, non toxic mattress + organic pillows/bedding ($6500-7000)

2. Air Purifier for the home & bedroom ($1000)

3. Portable infrared suana ($1200)

Why sleeping on an organic mattress and bedding is integral for a good night's rest, body restoration and your health.

when we sleep, we repair. it's that simple. Now imagine the mattress you're resting your beautiful head on is off-gassing you for eight hours. Your body is fighting off fire retardant chemicals, formaldehyde, and benzene which have bene linked to health issues such as caner, infertility, and brain disorders. Not to mention, auto immune conditions and hormonal offset.

The VOC'S (volatile organic compounds) are released non stop into the air mainly from materials such as polyurethane aka "memory foam", flame retardant and plastics.

unfortunately the same chemical compounds are found in sheets sets, duvets, comforters and pillows. These chemicals; formaldehyde, pesticides, color dyes, bleach, petroleum derived materials, PBDE'S (flame retardants) and phthalates are in direct contact with your largest organ; your skin and your second most important organ, your lungs.

Additionally, an air purifier can further aid in the detoxification process by eliminating or greatly reducing health issues caused by indoor pollutants triggering asthma, and other respiratory infections.

A proper environment for your sleep sets you up for a successful day. Aside from a dark, cool, quiet room; these three items listed above are a worth the effort to save up for, and prioritize for the betterment of your overall health & vitality.

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